Inter-company training of apprentices

Training in the skilled crafts sector provides technical knowledge and skill. We rely on competence. In our businesses, practical experience has top priority. At the vocational school, theory ranks first. In order to be able to cope with the challenges of the market, out Technical-Vocational- Educational-Training-Centers offer inter-company training of apprentices for our young skilled crafts people. The courses aim to increase trainees basic knowledge so that they reach the highest levels of education. In our workshops, we teach our apprentices theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We take up where individual businesses due to their specialisation aren’t able to help – always in line with the apprenticeship programme, knowledgeable, and action-oriented.

We create winners

The apprentices are the winners. They receive professional training and get to know the latest technology developments.

The businesses are the winners. They are relieved, work with young, motivated colleagues and benefit from their commitment.

The customers are the winners. They receive services that meet their requirements – skilled crafts work at the highest level.