The Master Craftsmans Diploma

Quality seal: The Master Craftsmans Diploma

He is an expert in his field. He learned properly how to organise a business. He enjoys working with young people to offer them prospects for the future: the Master Craftsman. He stands for premium quality in the skilled crafts.

Master Craftsmen know what they are capable of. And they meet their customers’ expectations: top performance and excellent qualifications. Each year, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts is training some 300 young people to become a Master Craftsman in the skilled crafts. Men and women who take their future into their own hands. And who want to achieve more:

  •        Implementing ideas and desires on your own initiative.
  •        Being your own boss.
  •        Being in charge of managing a business.
  •        Working creatively and setting innovative trends.
  •        Training young people.
  •        Mapping out the future.

We support and promote motivated skilled crafts people with their project. We turn well trained skilled workers into the best qualified within the Rhine-Main area. We take care that local skilled crafts businesses are always one step ahead. This way, we continue the skilled crafts sector’s success story. And we help build a secure future for Germany as a business location.