Organization representing the interests of 17.000 Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses of the Palatinate is the professional body representing the interests of 17.000 skilled crafts and small businesses, which form the second largest economic sector in the Palatinate. They employ more than 110.000 people, of which at present 8.623 are undergoing vocational training and thus have the Chamber's special attention, since it is also responsible for the control and supervision of vocational training.

In addition of these responsibilities, it has to organize and hold preparation courses and examinations for future master craftsmen.

2008, as many as 244 candidates have passed the examination for the master's certificate.

The preparation courses as well as the extra-company training and further education courses are held at three vocational centres of different locations, which offer 1.060 training places annually used by more than 10.600 trainees to update their know-how.

Another important task taken over by the Palatinate's Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses is the provision of advisory services offered to the associated handicrafts enterprises with respect to questions of business management and technology. In this connection, at present questions concerning export business and utilization of the new markets - in the light of the EC-market - have top priority.